Back in July, Nintendo launched a new Switch model with an OLED display. It was priced at $350, making it $50 more expensive than the regular Nintendo Switch. However, it seems that over in Europe, Nintendo has slashed the price of the base model in both the UK and various parts of the region.

So what are the new prices we can expect? Over in the UK, we’re talking about a drop from £279.99 down to £259.99, while in Europe, its price has gone down from €329.99 to €300.99. Unfortunately, it is unclear if these price cuts will also be making its way to the US, where the console, as far as we know, is still priced the same.

We wouldn’t be surprised if its price was eventually reduced but for now there is no official word on that matter. Also, reducing the price makes sense. By making the gap between the new and old model bigger, it might make the base model more appealing to gamers on a budget, which in turn will help drive more hardware sales and in turn software sales as well, which is probably where the company makes most of its money from.

In any case, the new Switch OLED model will be going on sale on the 8th of October, so maybe the price cuts for the US market might take place around then.

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