TikTok has been steadily gaining users over the years and now according to the company, they have finally surpassed the 1 billion mark where they say that their platform now hosts 1 billion monthly users worldwide.

That’s actually pretty crazy and if you think about it, it almost would not have happened. This is because back in 2020, the US government announced that they could be looking to force ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company based in China) to sell off TikTok to a US company lest they get banned, but that did not happen.

We imagine that should this have gone through, TikTok would have easily lost a lot of users and if they were banned, they would not have access to the US market, which the company says is one of their biggest markets along with India and Brazil. Other platforms like Instagram have also since hit the 1 billion active users mark and have since launched their own competitor to TikTok in the form of Reels.

That being said, TikTok is still quite a ways off from overtaking Facebook. Based on the latest figures, Facebook has close to 3 billion monthly active users, so it might be a while before TikTok overtakes them, if they ever do.

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