Google Search has evolved over the years where instead of simply directing users to websites for answers, Google has built-in features that give you the answers you need in the search results page itself. For example you can do currency or unit conversions, calculate figures, find the weather in cities, and more.

Now it seems that according to a report from Android Police, Google has built-in a guitar tuner into the search results. Ideally guitarists should already own their own guitar tuner, but in case you need to tune your instrument on the go and you don’t have a tuner on you, that’s where this feature comes in handy.

All you need to do is type in “google tuner” into the search bar and you should now be greeted with this interface. This will work on desktop as well as mobile. This feature isn’t exactly new because prior to this, Google Assistant actually has something similar built into it, but in case you don’t use Google Assistant, this is a good alternative.

It will require that you enable your device’s microphone in order for it to pick up on the sounds from your guitar, so how effective it is will depend on things like your microphone quality and background noise. This probably won’t be replacing dedicated guitar tuners anytime soon, but like we said, it’s great in a pinch.

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