Apple’s Mac computers have certainly evolved greatly over the decades, where we’ve seen Apple go from using PowerPC to power their Macs, before switching over to Intel, and now it looks like Apple has opted to go in-house with their own Apple Silicon chipsets. In fact, earlier this year Apple updated its desktop computer, the iMac, with a brand new design and the M1 chipset.

However, it seems that developer Colby Sheets decided to do a little tinkering by taking out the M1 chipset from a Mac mini and implanting it into the vintage iMac G4. The iMac G4 was originally launched back in 2002 with a rounded base and a monitor on top and it was one of the more iconic Apple designs we’ve seen.

In the video above, you can see Sheets showing off his creation where it appears to come across as being the perfect blend between vintage and modern. According to Sheets, this creation is meant to celebrate the life of Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs, which Sheets thinks would have been proud of the creation.

It is unclear how difficult it was taking out the M1 chipset from the Mac mini and implanting it into the iMac G4 and to get everything up and running, but we have to say it looks pretty damn cool.

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