One of the biggest changes Apple made to their new MacBook Pros is that they pushed the display to the edge of the laptop. However, to accommodate the webcam, Apple brought over the notch design from the iPhone to the iPad which is an interesting choice, but it also leaves some questions on how users interact with it.

For example, will the mouse bump into the sides of the notch meaning users need to navigate around the notch, or will it simply pass through it? The good news is that it is the latter, according to a tweet by Linda Dong, an Apple design evangelist. This means that users won’t need to try and circumvent the notch but simply pass their mouse cursor through it.

However, we imagine that for some this can be potentially annoying, especially if you rest your mouse cursor behind it and it is hidden behind the notch, but we imagine that over time users will get used to its placement.

Apple has also taken steps to make the notch less annoying. When apps are opened full screen, Apple will add an artificial black bar across the top to hide the notch, although this also means that apps won’t be able to take full advantage of the display. Developers will have the option to maximize the full display, but that means that the notch will be “eating” into the app.

It is a rather controversial design choice, but we suppose we’ll have to wait for reviews over the next few months and possibly years to see if this is an issue, or if users will eventually get used to it like they did with the iPhone and iPad.

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