Whenever you buy a product from a company like Apple or Microsoft, if it gets damaged, it’s almost always advised that you send it back to the company to get it fixed. In a way it makes sense since they made these devices, they would also be the most qualified to fix them, but first-party repairs are generally a lot more expensive compared to third-party repairs.

The problem with third-party repairs, however, is that some companies like Apple have made it difficult to go through third-party shops because it could render some features useless. The good news is that while some tech companies appear to be resisting the idea of the right to repair, Microsoft has decided to go along with it.

The company has announced that they will be agreeing to a third-party independent study on the impact of making its devices easier to repair, and based on the study, they will be making changes by the end of 2022. The argument put forth by investor advocacy nonprofit As You Sow is that making devices easier to repair could have environmental and societal benefits.

This is because a device that’s more difficult to repair would force users to buy a new product, which is great for profits, but could lead to more electronic waste. Hopefully Microsoft’s new approach and attitude will inspire other tech companies to be more lenient when it comes to third-party repairs of their products.

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