Last year, Razer announced their first gaming chair in the form of the Iskur. They later followed up with a slightly more affordable variant called the Iskur X, and now it looks like Razer is further expanding on their lineup of gaming chairs with the launch of the Enki and the Enki X, although it seems that these chairs might have been designed with different ergonomics in mind.

For starters, the Enki’s chair design doesn’t come across quite as aggressive as the Iskur. The cushion is a good example of that, where the Iskur favored a more bucket seat-like design, the Enki seems more like a traditional office chair. Razer claims that the cushion is made out of softer material to help with optimal weight distribution.

Also given that it juts up less than the Iskur, those who might like sitting cross-legged in their chairs might be able to do that with the Enki. The Enki also features 4D armrests, or 2D if you opt for the cheaper Enki X.

As for pricing, what’s interesting is that the Enki is priced similarly as the Iskur X at $399. This means at this pricing, it boils down to personal preference in terms of aesthetics and functionality, while the Enki X will be priced at $299.

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