While the competition for the smartphone platform market space has pretty much been decided, the smart TV space is still very much open to competition. For the most part, TV manufacturers use their own software for their own TVs, although companies like Google have been attempting to try and standardize it with Android TV.

That being said, Samsung is hoping to give TV manufacturers an alternative as they have announced during the Samsung Developer Conference 2021 that they will be opening up its Tizen OS to other TV brands. This means that smaller TV brands who don’t make their own operating systems for their TVs will now have Tizen as one of their choices.

This Tizen TV Platform Licensing service will not only allow these manufacturers to use Tizen to power their smart TVs, but will also give them a chance to promote their devices at major external events, as well as access various streaming services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

Samsung isn’t alone in offering their own platform to third-party brands as other brands like LG have done something similar in the past, but like we said, Tizen will now be an option for other brands to consider, although at this point in time it is unclear who has taken Samsung up on their offer.

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