Despite being released over a month ago, Netflix’s Squid Game continues to be the talk of the town even today. The Korean TV series has proven itself to be a massive hit and according to leaked data, a report from Bloomberg has suggested that the company is expected to earn as much as $891 million from the series.

But wait, how does Netflix “earn” from its shows? After all, the company charges a fixed monthly subscription and users can watch as many (or as little) shows they want during their subscription. This is what is called “impact value”, which is basically how many new subscribers will sign up for Netflix after being convinced to use the service in order to watch the series.

Given that the series had a budget of about $21.4 million, this has effectively earned Netflix about 40 times the amount they spent producing the show. This is pretty crazy when you think about how many new subscribers the company managed to attract just from one show.

Netflix has declined to comment on the numbers, but a lawyer for the company told Bloomberg that it was “inappropriate” for them to have published the confidential information. It also seems that a Netflix employee was fired after it was discovered that they were the ones who downloaded the internal data and shared it with the public.

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