The Apple Watch has a feature in the form of fall detection, so when it realizes you have fallen down, it will try to get your attention and if you fail to respond, it will call for help on your behalf. However, it seems that Apple wants to expand this feature where it might even work in instances of a car accident.

This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal where they reveal that Apple has been testing out the feature in its iPhones. Basically, by using the accelerometer in the iPhone and the Apple Watch, it will try to detect if the user has been in an accident and will call 911 on their behalf.

Like we said, the feature has been in testing by collecting anonymous data that users have opted to share, and that Apple plans to roll out the feature next year. At the moment it is unclear if this is going to be a feature exclusive to Apple’s newer devices, or if it can be applied to existing devices through a software update.

While not exactly the most exciting of features, it is an interesting one and a quality of life improvement. For example, we’ve heard countless stories of how some features in the Apple Watch might seem a little “boring”, but have ended up being immensely useful by saving the wearer’s life.

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