Different countries have different shows that they like. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as language, culture, local marketing, and so on. If you’re curious about what kind of shows people around the world are watching on Netflix, then you might be interested in this.

Netflix has launched a dedicated website in which they list the top 10 movies and TV shows around the world. Users can sort by different countries to see what’s the top 10 movies or TV shows people are watching around the world, and they can also sort it by language, whether it be English or non-English shows or movies.

These titles are sorted and ranked by week so it will change quite often from week to week. This is actually a pretty useful feature because if you’re stuck trying to find a new show to watch, this could be a good way of discovering shows that you might not have otherwise known about. Of course, some of these titles might not be available in your region as Netflix’s catalogue does vary from country to country, but it could be worth checking out anyway.

It’s also interesting as it shows users how many hours were spent watching the show that week, so you can also use that as a rough gauge to determine how popular a show is and if it is worth your time.

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