There are many gaming controllers out there for mobile devices, but some of them require that you prop your phone up in order to play it. However, it seems that Sony has actually filed a patent for a mobile controller that resembles the DualShock controller design except that this is for mobile devices.

The patent describes a controller system where users can clamp a phone in between the controller, meaning that you can hold your phone and play using the controller at the same time. This isn’t an entirely new concept as other companies such as Razer already offer up similar controllers, but we suppose this is an option for those like Sony’s DualShock controller series.

However, this controller isn’t necessarily Sony trying to sell gamers accessories for their mobile devices. Instead, it suggests that it could be used in conjunction with Sony’s Remote Play feature which lets gamers stream PlayStation games from their PlayStation consoles to their smartphones, so by using a DualShock controller design, it would make gamers feel more at home compared to third-party options.

That being said, this is only a patent so there’s no guarantee that Sony will actually make it a reality, so don’t be getting your hopes up just yet at seeing this type of controller hit the market.

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