It’s well-established that Apple and Disney have a pretty good relationship with each other. Both companies are obviously very different from each other in what they do, but as Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs was on Disney’s board of directors, both companies have been linked to each other.

That being said, Seeking Alpha reports on a CNBC interview with former Disney CEO Bob Iger in which he believes that if Jobs hadn’t died back in 2011 and continued to be Apple’s CEO, there was a chance that both Disney and Apple could have merged together. While there have never been any formal talks or any inkling that such a merger was in the cards, Iger thinks that that’s the direction they could have gone.

According to the former Disney CEO, “I’m pretty convinced we would have had that discussion. … I think we would have gotten there.” Iger is basing his opinion on how Jobs had appreciated the idea of combining “great technology” with “great creativity”. We’re not sure how Disney would have fit in with Apple’s overall strategy, but it would have been interesting, not to mention it would have resulted in a powerhouse of a company./

However, if Jobs had continued to remain as Apple’s CEO, it’s also hard to say that we would have the Apple that we know today as he might not necessarily have made the same decisions that Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, made.

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