For the longest time ever, Google Chrome was the browser to use. This was especially so when Microsoft was still pushing its Internet Explorer browser, but it seems that ever since Microsoft revamped its Edge browser using Chromium, it looks like it is a strategy that could be paying off for the company.

This is according to the latest figures from Statcounter in which it has been noted that out of all the browsers, Chrome is the only browser to have lost market share last month where it dropped down to 64.04% from 65.27%. This is versus Edge which actually saw a slight increase in its market share.

Keep in mind that Chrome is in no way close to being in any sort of danger. Chrome is still very much the dominant browser of choice, with Safari coming in second place at 19%, so unless something drastic were to happen, it is unlikely that we’ll see Chrome dethroned anytime in the near future, if at all.

Microsoft has been quite aggressive in their courting other browser users, such as showing popups to users who are using its Edge browser to try and seek out alternatives like Chrome. Windows 11 was also somewhat controversial where Microsoft made it difficult for users to change default browsers (Microsoft has since backtracked on those changes).

Whether or not Edge will eventually catch up to Safari remains to be seen, but for now given that it is also based on Chromium and shares the same extensions as Chrome, it is a decent alternative for those who don’t want Google to track what they do on the internet.

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