There are some advantages to taking your iPhone back to Apple for an official repair. For starters, you know that the parts they use will be genuine. This is versus third-party repair shops who might charge less, but the parts you get might not be the real deal, or they might claim it’s the real deal but would you be able to tell?

That’s something that Apple is hoping to solve because in a new iOS feature, Apple will be adding a “Parts and Service History” section in the Settings app. By going to these settings, you’ll be able to see a list of components that might have been swapped out and replaced during repair, and it will show if they are genuine or not.

For example, if a non-genuine part is used, it will list it as being “Unknown Part”, but keep in mind that this status could also apply to a part that was taken from another iPhone, or it is malfunctioning, which could be a sign that you might need to get it fixed. If it is a genuine component, it will say “Genuine Apple Part” and you can tap to see more details about it, including the date of service.

This could be a useful feature because it means that if a third-party repair shop claims to be using genuine parts, this tool will let you know if they are lying about it. It could also be used even if you send your phone in to Apple for repair and you just want to make sure. Apple is expected to launch its own self-service repair program soon where users will have access to certain components and manuals that they can use to repair their own devices.

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