If for whatever reason you forgot your iPhone’s passcode and you find yourself locked out of your iPhone, in the past, pretty much the only way you could “fix” this problem would be to erase the iPhone and wipe all of its contents. This is a security feature, but there was one problem and that it required your iPhone to be connected to a computer.

Usually this wouldn’t be much of an issue if you’re at home or at work, but what if you’re out? What if you don’t have immediate access to a computer? Turns out that in iOS 15.2, Apple has since introduced a new way for users to wipe and erase their iPhones without needing a connection to a computer.

This is only for devices that have been updated to iOS 15.2, so if you happen to be using an iPhone that isn’t updated, then you’ll still require a connection to a computer to wipe it. This is according to an updated support document on Apple’s website in which Apple provides users with the steps needed to erase their devices.

Keep in mind that users will need to have at least an internet connection, whether it be through cellular or WiFi, and also use the same Apple ID and password that they used to set up their device, so it’s not as though iPhone thieves will be able to snatch your devices and factory reset it for resale.

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