A few months ago, Apple officially unveiled the M1 Max and Pro chipsets that would be used in the company’s revamped MacBook Pro laptops. These are essentially souped up versions of the M1 chipset that launched in 2020, and the M1 Max and Pro MacBook Pros do not come cheap.

However, for professionals who take and edit photos for a living, it might be a price that might be justifiable. This is according to a series of tests conducted by CNET in which they found that editing photos in Adobe Lightroom on the M1 Max has shaved a lot of time off the editing process, which could be invaluable in a photographer’s workflow.

For example in their tests, merging six 30MP Canon DNG images into a panorama took the M1 Max took about 14 seconds, versus the 67 seconds it took on a 2019 Intel i7 MacBook Pro. This difference was made even more abundantly clear when it merged two 151MP Phase One images, which took 34 seconds on the M1 Max, but almost three times longer at 109 seconds on the Intel MacBook Pro.

For regular users who might edit a couple of photos every now and then, this probably won’t matter as much, but when you’re a professional that needs to churn out dozens of edits a day, a few seconds here and there most definitely adds up over time.

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