The batteries in our cars are important because they’re what helps us start our cars, but for electric vehicles, batteries are more critical because they also determine how far you can drive. This is why they’re generally bigger and more expensive to replace, like in the case of Finnish man Tuomas Katainen, who discovered that he had to pay $22,600 to replace the battery in his 2013 Tesla Model S.

However, instead of paying that ridiculous amount to fix his Tesla, Katainen decided to go with a more interesting and entertaining plan, which was to strap dynamite to it and blow it up. According to Katainen, his Model S ran perfectly fine for the first 1,500km after he had bought it, but after that he started to get a lot of error codes and sent it to a Tesla dealer to get it repaired.

His car spent a month in the workshop before he was told that there was nothing they could do for him, unless he was willing to replace the battery. As $22,600 is no small sum, and could go a long way towards purchasing another used Model S in Finland, Katainen decided not to go along with it.

He then teamed up with YouTuber Pommijätkät (which apparently roughly translates to “Bomb Dudes”) and took the car to a quarry in Jaala where they strapped about 30kg of dynamite to it and then blew it up.

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