If you’re an avid mobile gamer, then you know that extended gaming sessions, especially for titles that might be more resource intensive, can result in your phone getting quite hot. This means that your phone’s battery is going to drain even faster than normal unless you find a way to cool it down.

Razer has the answer to that problem as the company has announced a new smartphone accessory in the form of a cooling fan. While cooling fans aren’t exactly new, what Razer has done is created a version that uses MagSafe so that it can attach to the iPhone without the need for any clamps!

It also works wirelessly which means that all you need to do is snap on the fan accessory and you’re good to go. It features a 7-bladed fan design that can spin up to 6,400rpm, and a 30dB noise profile that should be relatively quiet, but we imagine that any sounds from your game would probably drown it out anyway.

And given that this is by Razer, yes, it does come with RGB lights as well. There is an Android version that does pretty much the same thing, but it will use clamps to attach to your phone instead of magnets since Android devices do not utilize Apple’s MagSafe technology. As novel as this seems, we imagine that there might be quite a few mobile gamers who can appreciate it. If you are one of them, you’ll be able to grab one for yourself from Razer’s website for $60.

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