tesla software updateListen, we all know that driving while using your phone is a bad idea and against the law, but for some reason, Tesla thought it was a good idea to introduce a feature called “Passenger Play” that basically allowed games to be played through the infotainment display.

Now, to be fair to the company, they do prompt users to make sure they aren’t the driver when games are launched, but it’s not a very difficult thing to do to lie and say you’re the passenger. This is why the NHTSA has announced plans to investigate the company over the feature, which might also explain why Tesla is now playing nice and has decided to disable the feature.

In an upcoming software update to the car, Tesla will no longer allow users to play games in the car while it is moving. Prior to “Passenger Play”, Tesla had a safety feature that disabled gaming while the car was in motion and that games could only be played while the car was stationary and in park.

So basically with this new update, Tesla is rolling back the feature to what it was before. Games can still be played, but will now be locked when the vehicle is in motion. You could argue that this feature is meant to keep passengers like kids entertained during the ride, but as per the NHTSA’s notice, they were concerned that it could end up being a distraction for drivers.

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