Apple’s AirPods earbuds are pretty recognizable with their white finish. However, it seems that during the prototyping phase, Apple actually made a set of AirPods with a transparent casing that we reckon looks pretty cool and one that we would love to see become a reality, although we’re doubtful that will happen.

The photos of Apple’s transparent AirPods were shared on Twitter by Giulio Zompetti, a known collector of rare Apple devices like early prototypes and whatnot. These AirPods are clearly the first-gen model identified by their long-ish stemp. It features a transparent housing for the stem of the earbuds, but feature a white plastic where the earbuds actually go into your ears.

Obviously these were never intended for sale, but we think it actually looks pretty good. The original AirPods were reminiscent of the EarPods that Apple would bundle with its iPhones, just without its connecting cables. Apple has since redesigned the AirPods where the newer model features a shorter stem design.

The company is expected to debut the third-gen AirPods Pro in 2022, although we are a bit curious as to how the early design and prototypes of the AirPods Pro would have looked like, so hopefully Zompetti might share some photos of those later on.

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