We’re sure that we’ve all had awesome gaming moments that you just want to share with everyone. Maybe it’s finally beating that boss you’ve been struggling against for the past couple of weeks, or setting a new record, or pulling off that impossible shot.

If you’re looking for an easier way to share your gameplay clips, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has announced a new way for Xbox gamers to do so, and this will come in the form of publicly available links. As it stands, Xbox gamers can already share gameplay clips and screenshots through their profile’s activity feed, clubs, messages, and so on.

However, by creating a public link, it means that you’ll have the freedom to post this link anywhere you want, whether it be in an email, text message, social media, and so on, and anyone who clicks that link will be able to see that clip without having to sign-in.

These types of public links are becoming more common these days, especially with video conferencing as it removes some barriers of entry, making it more accessible and in turn, making users more willing to use it.

At the moment, this public link sharing is still being tested out and Microsoft is only allowing developers to access it, but we expect that it should eventually become available to all gamers.

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