So, Apple’s AirTags have been getting quite a bit of bad press lately when we started hearing reports of people using it to track and stalk others without their permission, but here’s a story of the use of the AirTags that was actually used in a relatively constructive manner.

Valerie McNulty, an army spouse, tends to move quite often, and as such she has heard countless horror stories involving the moving process. Deciding to pre-empt any potential issues, she slipped an AirTag into one of the boxes of her family’s household goods while she was preparing for a move from Fort Colson, Colorado, to Fort Drum, New York.

It turned out to be an excellent idea because she was expecting her things to arrive on the 7th of January, which was a Friday, but the moving company told her to expect it on Sunday. She later got a call from the truck driver who told her he had only just picked up her stuff and that the earliest he could get to her place would be Monday.

Using the AirTag, she managed to check the location of her items and discovered that the driver was actually already in Elizabeth, New Jersey, about a half day’s drive to her current location. According to McNulty, “When we brought up the fact that we knew his exact location he hung up on us. He then called back several minutes later and said ‘well the earliest I can get it to you is Sunday.’”

McNulty says that she had been in touch with the move coordinator all day but apparently they did not know where the driver was either, meaning that had it not been for the AirTag, McNulty would have to take the driver at their word.

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