The problem with Apple’s AirTag tracking accessory is that maybe it does too good of a job at tracking, so much so that people have been using the accessory for illegal activities. In fact, recently there was a report of a man, Ronald Roessler from Apollo, who was arrested for allegedly stalking a woman by placing an AirTag on her car.

The woman claimed that she had received a notification on her phone that an unknown AirTag was near her and tracking her location. It was later discovered that the AirTag had been stuck to the inside of the metal trailer hitch on her car, and police later arrested Roesseler who had initially denied any involvement.

He claimed that it was a mistake and agreed to show police his phone where he deleted the AirTag in front of them. It turns out that Roessler had some history with the woman where she actually took out a protection-from-abuse order against him. This is actually the second time we’re hearing about a person being arrested for alleged stalking by using the AirTag.

However, what’s interesting is that despite all the negative press Apple has received about the AirTag, a recent New York Times report suggests that it might actually be one of the safer trackers around due to the various protections that Apple has built into the device.

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