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Amazon And Tile Team Up To Take On Apple’s AirTags
For the longest time ever, Tile was kind of at the forefront of people’s minds when you were looking for a Bluetooth tracker. Their trackers are small, come in various shapes and sizes that suit different purposes, and they’re affordable. But that changed when Apple launched the AirTag, where combined with Apple’s Find My network and UWB tracking, has turned the accessory into a serious competitor.

Someone Modified An AirTag To Make It Fit Into A Wallet
Apple’s AirTag launched last month and for the most part, it is very functional. Reviews have heaped praise on the accessory, although one chief complaint/feedback that we’ve seen is that Apple should have designed it to make it more wallet-friendly, since along with keys, wallets are things we sometimes forget to take with us or lose.

Australian Retailer Pulls AirTags From Shelves Over Child Safety Concerns
One of the main criticisms about Apple’s products is that the batteries used in these products tend to be fixed, meaning that to replace them would be difficult and not as easy as swapping them out for a new one. However, to everyone’s surprise, Apple’s AirTags actually comes with a removable battery and also uses a battery you can easily buy in stores.

You Can Actually Drill A Keyring Hole Into The AirPods, But Maybe You Shouldn’t
A couple of weeks ago, Apple officially launched the AirTags tracking accessory. While initial reviews of the accessory have been largely positive, one of the things that many had wished the AirTags had was a hole that could allow it to be attached onto keyrings. After all, for an accessory that is meant to help track items like keys, it seems rather keyring-unfriendly.


Apple Reminds Us That The AirTags Aren’t Meant To Track Children Or Pets
After a lot of rumors are seemingly “delayed” launches, just a few days ago, Apple’s AirTags were officially announced. The accessory, much like other tracking accessories, can be used to keep track of things like keys, your bags, and so on, but what about using it to track your kid’s whereabouts, or maybe your pet?

Apple’s AirTags UWB Tracking Accessory Has Been Officially Announced
After what felt like years, Apple has finally and officially announced its AirTags tracking accessory. Given the number of leaks we’ve seen, the design of the device doesn’t really come as a surprise. It is round and puck-shaped and can be attached to a variety of things via the optional accessories that Apple and other third-party manufacturers sell.

Apple Confirms ‘Spring Loaded’ Event For April 20
Earlier, it was reported that Siri had seemingly revealed when Apple’s next event would be hosted, which is the 20th of April. However, Apple had yet to send out invites to the event, so we couldn’t be sure if it was accurate. The good news is that you no longer have to wonder because Apple has confirmed it.

Apple’s Rumored AirTags Could Be Priced At $39
According to the rumors, Apple is working on a tracking accessory similar to Tile called the AirTags. Given that this will be an official Apple accessory, some might be wondering how expensive such a gadget could be. According to a video by EverythingApplePro, they cite leakster Max Weinbach who tipped them off that the accessory could be priced around $39.

Apple’s March 23 Event Was Apparently Never Real To Begin With
Earlier this month, it was initially rumored that Apple could be hosting an event on the 23rd of March. It made sense as Apple typically hosts an event around this time of the year, plus the date was also revealed by several leaksters who have been known to be extremely accurate with their posts in the past.

Apple Could Be Hosting An Event On March 23
A report from February had suggested that Apple will be hosting an event on the 16th of March. The event was said to introduce a bunch of new Apple products, like the rumored tracking accessory, the AirTags, as well as updates to the iPad lineup where we could see Apple introduce the use of mini LEDs to the tablet.

Apple’s AirTags Will Have An Anti-Stalker Feature
Apple is rumored to be launching their new AirTags accessory possibly this month. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the AirTags are a tracking accessory similar to Tile, but instead of regular Bluetooth, it will reportedly use UWB that is meant to be more accurate when it comes to pinpointing the location.

New Report Refutes Apple Event Set For March 16
A recent rumor suggested that Apple could be planning an event for the 16th of March. This event is said to host the launch of a couple of new Apple products, like the rumored AirTags tracking accessory as well as an update to the iPad Pro lineup that will see the tablet get a new mini LED display.

Apple Reportedly Planning An Event For March 16
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could have new iPads in the works with mini LED displays, and also that there could be a new AirTags tracking accessory. So the question is, when will these products be announced? Turns out it could be in the next few weeks, or so the latest rumors are claiming.

Apple’s AirTags On Track For A March Launch
Since 2020, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on a new tracking accessory called the AirTags. The accessory has yet to be launched, even though we heard multiple times throughout 2020 on the various possible dates, but now a tweet from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has revealed that the accessory is still on track for a March launch.

Apple’s AirTags Might Have Been Hidden In Plain Sight All This While
In the coming months, there is a very good chance that Apple will finally announce the much-rumored AirTags accessory. Now, we have been hearing about the accessory for a while, we’ve also seen evidence, although we suppose it’s always good to remain a bit skeptical until we get the official confirmation.

Companies Are Already Starting To Design Accessories For The AirTags
If the rumors are true, Apple could be getting ready to launch its new AirTags tracking accessory soon. So much so that according to a post on Voice by Evan Blass, it seems that companies area already starting to make accessories for the upcoming device, such as Nomad who are known for their leather accessories for smartphones like the iPhone.

Leaked Video Shows Off Apple’s AirTags Design And Animation
It has been rumored for a while that Apple is working on a tracking accessory called the AirTags. This is Apple’s answer to Tile’s Bluetooth trackers, except that it will be using UWB that will supposedly offer up more precise tracking compared to regular Bluetooth. It has yet to be announced, but we could be getting close.

Apple Could Launch A New Product Next Week
There have been a couple of Apple-related accessories that have been rumored for a while now but have yet to make their appearance. This includes the AirTags tracking accessory and the over-ears AirPods Studio headphones. Now it seems that there is a chance that these products could be announced next week.

Apple Could Have One Last Announcement This Winter
Through 2020, we’ve been hearing that Apple has a couple of new accessories in the works in the form of the AirPods Studio, an over-ear style headphones, and also the AirTags tracking accessory. Neither of these devices have been announced yet, and with Apple’s supposed last event having already taken place, the question is when will these accessories make their official appearance?

Apple’s AirTags Accessory Will Have Enhanced Privacy Features
Bluetooth tracking accessories are useful if you’re someone who easily misplaces small items like keys, or if you want to make sure you don’t leave your bag behind at work, at home, or in school. However, due to their small and inconspicuous nature, there is a potential for abuse, where someone could easily slip a Bluetooth tracker into your bag and follow you home.