According to a report the other day, it was reported that Apple might give all the iPhone 14 models ProMotion displays. It sounded like good news, right? It turns out that it might not be happening after all, according to analyst Ross Young.

According to Young, when asked about whether the entire iPhone 14 lineup might come with the ProMotion display this year, Young replied by saying that will not be happening. It seems that one of Apple’s suppliers, BOE, does not have enough LTPO capacity. Young suggests that it might end up being too risky for Apple to employ this strategy as it means that they could end up with a severe shortage if BOE cannot meet their demand.

We imagine that this will indeed be tricky if true. This means that Apple would need to decide which models to prioritize, which then means that other models could face shortage and could cause customers to seek their phones elsewhere, so to play it safe, Young suggests that maybe bringing ProMotion to the entire lineup could happen in 2023 instead.

If that is the case, then pretty much nothing changes with the iPhone 14 lineup, where only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models will feature the use of ProMotion displays, same as the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max in 2021.

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