When you think of Sony as a brand, what comes to mind? Some might think cameras, some might think of TVs, some might think of gaming, some might even recall the Walkman, but it looks like Sony wants to add cars to that list because at CES 2022, the concept showed off its new concept electric car, the Sony VISION-S 02.

The VISION-S 02 is actually not Sony’s first attempt at breaking into the automobile market. A couple of years ago, the company actually unveiled the VISION-S 01, which the company says is already being tested on public roads. The main difference is that instead of a sedan, the VISION-S 02 will be a 7-seater SUV.

The SUV will come with sensors placed all around its body, along with CMOS imaging sensors and LiDAR sensors that will help it analyze and detect objects around it. There are also built-in time of flight sensors to detect the driver’s presence as the company is looking to release a vehicle with Level 2+ driver assistance on public roads.

Right now, the VISION-S 02 remains a prototype and we’re not sure if there are plans to actually make it a purchasable vehicle, but it is clear from Sony’s efforts that they want to do more in the automobile space instead of simply creating speakers or head units.

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