Apple’s Pro Display XDR is a pricey piece of equipment. You could argue that they are mostly aimed at professionals who need the resolution and color accuracy, but even then, it does not come cheap. Unfortunately, it looks like the display along with Apple’s new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are facing some issues.

According to a new support document published by Apple, the company is warning owners of these devices that they might encounter an error message that says “limited brightness”. Apple says, “This can occur if the ambient temperature of the room is high and you’ve been playing very bright content for an extended period of time.”

To fix this issue, Apple says that MacBook Pro users should quit apps that might be consuming a lot of system resources, while those using the Pro Display XDR should put their monitors to reference mode. They also suggest lowering the ambient temperature of the room, and to close or hide any windows that might be displaying or playing HDR content.

Apple says that if this issue persists despite the ambient temperature of the room being less than 77F, that users should get in contact with the company. That being said, the semi good news is that it doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue, especially since this is the first time we’re hearing about it since the Pro Display XDR was released a couple of years ago.

However, we can imagine it could be rather annoying for users who paid a lot of money for the display or the new MacBook Pros, so whatever the issue is, hopefully Apple will have a fix for it in the future.

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