With the launch of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, Apple basically killed the Touch Bar. We imagine that moving forwards, this will be the same for future MacBook Pro laptops, but apparently that is not the case because Apple could be keeping the Touch Bar around for one more generation.

This is according to a report from MacRumors who heard from their sources that with the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh, apparently Apple will not be ditching the Touch Bar. This is because Apple will be keeping the same design as the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, which might explain why they could end up keeping the Touch Bar.

For those unfamiliar, one of the rumors we’ve been hearing is that Apple could be introducing a cheaper MacBook Pro that could sport the M2 chipset. This will be cheaper compared to the newer MacBook Pros, but will be in a similar vein to the 13-inch MacBook Pro that Apple introduced towards the end of 2020 where it was one of the first computers to use the M1 chipset.

In a way it makes sense, although given that it is clear Apple is done with the Touch Bar, we’re not sure how we feel about users still having a hardware feature that will probably no longer be supported by developers in the future. Either way, it’s probably best to take this with a grain of salt but hopefully we’ll learn more during Apple’s rumored event in March.

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