The problem with a lot of online games is that more often than not, they are subject to bad player behavior which can ruin the experience for everyone involved. We’re talking about players who behave rudely to other players, spamming them, doing things that would make life in the game a lot harder, exploiting flaws and bugs, and so on.

While a lot of online games have a “report” button, the truth is that sometimes there are simply too many reports to handle, and not enough people to deal with it, leaving a majority of reported cases unattended to. This is why a bunch of gamers and streamers have teamed up to create an AI system called GGWP.

Led by Dennis Fong, who some of you might remember as one of the legendary Quake and Doom players Thresh, GGWP is an automated system that relies on AI to collect and organize player behavior in any game. According to Fong, implementing the system is easy as it is apparently “a line of code”.

By taking this data, it generates an overall community health score and breaks down the various toxic behaviors into various categories. The system can even be used to help assign reputation scores to players, so those who behave badly get a lower score, while those who are helpful have a higher score.

What developers do with this is up to them, but it is possible that maybe they could lump players with bad reputation together, while those with above average reputation are grouped together to help make it a better overall experience.

GGWP is the brainchild of Fong, Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, and data and AI expert Dr. George Ng, and is also backed by the likes of Sony’s Innovation Fund, Riot Games, YouTube founder Steve Chen, and streamers such as Pokimane, along with Twitch creators Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin.

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