When Apple announced the Mac Studio yesterday, they also unveiled a new variant of the M1 chipset called the M1 Ultra. To put it simply, this essentially combines two M1 Max chipsets together to help give the computer a boost in performance.

However, many have since notice that the M1 Ultra model of the Mac Studio actually weighs a good 2lbs more compared to the M1 Max version, so what’s the difference? According to Apple spokesperson Alex Bender in an email to The Verge, the difference is due to the thermals used in the M1 Ultra model.

Some had previously speculated that maybe the more powerful M1 Ultra required more power and thus needed a bigger power supply, but according to Bender, “They have the same 370W power supply. The additional weight is due to M1 Ultra having a larger copper thermal module, whereas M1 Max has an aluminum heatsink.”

In terms of overall size, both variants measure the same, so it’s really only the internals and choice of material for the thermals that’s different. This is actually quite an important distinction because if you were planning on mounting the Mac Studio on a stand or clamp, then you probably need to take the difference in weight in consideration. If you plan to just sit on a desk then this shouldn’t be an issue.

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