Apple’s Mac Studio is not a cheap computer, especially if you plan to upgrade things like the RAM and storage. Unlike desktop PCs where you can easily add more storage or RAM afterwards, this typically isn’t the case for a lot of Mac computers, especially when you consider the fact that the Mac Studio doesn’t look particularly easy to access.

However, according to a teardown by Max Tech, they have taken the computer apart and have discovered that it might be possible for SSD storage upgrades in the future. This is because according to the teardown, upon unscrewing the computer, they found two SSD ports that are relatively easy to access.

This means that should users ever decide they need more SSD storage, they might be able to upgrade it themselves if they have the know-how and are willing to take a chance. However, as Max Tech points out, Apple’s website does clearly state that storage is not user accessible, and that customers who want more storage should basically choose a higher configuration before they purchase it.

However, Max Tech speculates that the language Apple chose to use suggests that maybe down the line, Apple could eventually offer SSD storage upgrades through one of their official service providers later on. That being said, until Apple says otherwise, if you are planning on buying the Mac Studio, make your decision on storage before you purchase it just to be safe.

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