When trying to buy the Mac Studio, you’ll need to decide how much storage you want there and then. This is because it appears that while the SSD in the computer can be easily removed by users, it does not mean that users will be able to slot in their own SSDs, which might be available at cheaper prices from third-party retailers.

It was previously discovered that the SSDs in the computer could be easily taken out, leading to speculation that it might be user upgradeable, despite Apple’s warnings on its website that users should not attempt to remove it. This is because it was later discovered by YouTube Luke Miani that because of a software block, users won’t be able to replace the SSDs themselves.

This means that while you could easily take out the SSD and put a new one one, no thanks to Apple’s software, the computer will not recognize the new hardware. This suggests that only Apple and their authorized service providers will have access to the proper software that will allow for new drives to be recognized, should users ever need to have it replaced.

This is quite a big step back from Apple’s earlier attempts to be more repair-friendly when they announced their own Self-Repair Program. It is possible Apple could eventually change their mind, but until they do, it looks like you’ll have to decide on the spot how much storage you really need before hitting that “Buy” button.

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