There are many gaming controllers available for mobile, but since usually these controllers try to appeal to as many gamers on as many platforms as possible, sometimes you do lose out on certain OS-specific features.

For Android and Chrome OS gamers who are looking for a more dedicated controller, you might be interested to learn that SteelSeries has announced its new gaming controller, the Stratus+. This is aimed at both Android and Chromebook users and will come with features like Bluetooth LE connectivity, a phone mount so you have an easier way of hooking up your phone while you game, ALPS analog thumbsticks, and hall effect triggers.

According to SteelSeries, the controller also boasts a 90-hour battery life which means that you can game for days on end before needing to recharge it again. There is support for quick-charging where a 15 minute charge will give you 12 hours of play, so if you do run out of juice, you won’t need to spend too long charging it to get back into the game.

While it seems that the controller is aimed at Android and Chromebook users, SteelSeries says that it will also work with Windows PCs via a USB connection. The company also notes that the controller is an officially recommended NVIDIA GeForce Now controller, so you can use it while streaming games from the cloud.

If you’re keen on picking one up for yourself, it is priced at $70 and will be available for purchase via SteelSeries’ website.

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