The infamous ‘Bigfoot’ footage that intrigued conspiracy theorists for decades, has been analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI), offering a clearer image than ever before. The Patterson-Gimlin film, which was shot in 1967, claimed to show the elusive ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘sasquatch’ walking through the Six Rivers National Forest in California. However, it was dismissed by the scientific community and most people saw it as a hoax. Nonetheless, the footage has been analyzed many times by enthusiasts who hoped to gain new insights into the mystery.

Recently, AI has been used to stabilize and de-grain the video, producing results that are clearer than ever. Social media user Rowan Cheung shared the footage, revealing that it was merely a person in a gorilla costume all along. The footage has caused a stir on social media, with many users reacting to the new development – while some were disappointed that the footage was a hoax, others were impressed by the power of AI (to enhance images).

Earlier this year, the curious creature made headlines when people claimed to have discovered a sighting using Google Maps. While the search for the elusive being continues, it seems that AI has shed new light on one of the most famous alleged sightings of ‘Bigfoot’ in history.

We are definitely excited about what AI can do! Let’s wait and see if its capabilities can figure out more curious things like footage of UFO sightings, for example. 

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