Sergii Gordieiev, an engineer and content creator, has created a fully functional bike with square wheels using recycled parts from discarded bicycles. The project is, according to Gordieiev, one of the craziest he and his team have ever undertaken. The square wheels may cause hesitation, but the engineer has already split a wheel in half to create a functional design, so he is confident in the final product.

The content creator started by building a frame for the square wheels, using steel and welding portions together to form a square shape. Then, he drilled holes in the frame to insert rods that would anchor the bike’s chainring; once the chainrings were attached, rollable wheels were added between them to enable the chain to rotate smoothly. He also covered the exterior of the wheels with rectangular chains wrapped in tire rubber repurposed from a discarded bicycle.

The bike successfully withstood a test run in a park, rolling “smoothly” over the pavement with a constant whirring sound. Although the steel used for the square wheels’ frame made the bike somewhat bulky, its lightweight body balanced it out. Gordieiev and his team called the bike “almost normal (except for its square wheels). They also claimed that it was fully functional, and the attention it garnered would compel onlookers to hop on and ride away.

What do you think about Gordieiev’s project? We for sure were impressed with the potential of repurposing discarded bike parts to create unique designs. Let’s hope that this innovative approach not only reduces waste but also showcases how creativity can transform seemingly useless materials into something visually appealing and, in a way, kind of functional.

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