Switching from incandescent to LED bulbs is one of the easiest ways to save on your electric bill and, with that in mind, Philips has recently launched their Ultra Efficient LED bulbs which use just 4.5 watts of energy, making them even more efficient than most LED bulbs available today. The bulbs cost around 55 cents per year to operate and can last up to 45.7 years, according to Philips’ estimates.

The Philips Ultra Efficient LED bulbs are available in three sizes and two color temperatures, and can currently only be purchased at Walmart. The prices range from $9.97 for a single 60W A19 bulb to $14.97 for a 100W A21 bulb:

  • 60W A19 — Soft White (3000K) | Daylight (5000K) – $9.97, $16.97 for two-pack
  • 100W A21 — Soft White (3000K) | Daylight (5000K) – $14.97
  • 65W BR30 — Soft White (3000K) |Daylight (5000K) –  $10.97

Philips claims that the A19 bulb emits 810 lumens of brightness and draws only 4.5 watts of power, making it a great energy-saving option. However, the bulb is not dimmable and has a clear design which may not suit those who prefer a more traditional look.

The new lights use just 4.5 watts of energy (about half as much as some of the more popular LED bulbs available today).

In a test using a wattage meter, the Ultra Efficient bulb drew 4.7 watts, which is close to Philips’ claim. The Philips Hue White 800-lumen smart LED, on the other hand, drew 10.2 watts. While the Ultra Efficient bulbs have a higher upfront cost than other similar bulbs, their estimated lifespan of 45.7 years could more than offset the higher cost.

The Philips Ultra Efficient LED bulbs are an excellent energy-saving option for those who are willing to pay a bit more upfront for a bulb that is more efficient and longer-lasting than other options on the market.

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