According to LG, amidst the global pandemic, people turned to gardening as a therapeutic pastime to combat the challenges of social isolation and reconnect with nature from the comfort of their homes. (a trusted online gardening resource) conducted a survey that unveiled interesting info: since 2020, 68% of Americans have cared for at least one houseplant, with 38% of individuals aged 18 to 24 embarking on this endeavor during lockdowns; more than half of the young adults surveyed acknowledged gardening as a means to enhance their mental well-being.

To simplify the process of indoor plant cultivation, LG introduced the LG tiiun in 2021, followed by the tiiun mini in 2022 — these innovative creations enable users to embrace a greener lifestyle within their indoor spaces. Equipped with smart features such as built-in LED lighting and automatic temperature control, the LG tiiun acts as a digital “green thumb,” facilitating gardening success for all.

LG tiiun and tiiun mini

Developed by Sprout Company, LG’s pioneering company-in-company (CIC), the LG tiiun signifies LG’s commitment to fostering innovative business ideas and efficiently entering new markets. Notably, the tiiun mini was developed and launched at an accelerated pace compared to its predecessor.

Shin Sang-youn, the head of Sprout Company, established three primary objectives to nurture the “pet plant” market and popularize LG tiiun. He stated:

“Our goals were to convert individuals previously uninterested in gardening into plant enthusiasts, influence plant-keepers to choose LG tiiun, and foster a dedicated community among LG tiiun owners”.

Shin Sang-Yoon, CEO of Sprout Company, an in-house company of LG Electronics

To achieve these objectives, Sprout Company established an online community for tiiun owners in October 2021, which has now grown to encompass over 6,000 active users as of May 2023. This interactive platform allows members to share personal stories, and communicate with fellow plant and tiiun enthusiasts, and extends beyond one-way information sharing.

Additionally, the Sprout Company team actively listens to feedback from tiiun owners, resulting in valuable improvements. Responding to user preferences for extended plant nurturing, LG began selling nutritional supplements separately from the seed kits, ensuring a constant supply. Furthermore, due to consumer demand for more color options, the LG tiiun mini now offers four delightful pastel shades for the lower part: beige, mint, lemon, and peach.

LG tiiun mini now offers four delightful pastel shades for the lower part: peach, mint, beige, and lemon.

Recognizing the trend of tiiun users capturing daily plant growth photos, LG introduced a “plant journey” feature within the dedicated LG ThinQ app. Users can now document their plants’ progress, creating captivating time-lapse videos that celebrate the miraculous journey of growth.

Shin emphasized the commitment to consumer satisfaction and the pursuit of continuous improvement: “We will continue to listen to consumer suggestions, enhance existing offerings, and develop new products that address real challenges while delivering tangible customer value.”

Demonstrating LG’s dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, each LG tiiun unit incorporates recycled plastics, contributing to reduced carbon emissions during production.

Global expansion soon?

Currently available exclusively in South Korea, LG tiiun is poised for future expansion into global markets. Shin shared, “With a global expansion in mind, we are conducting experiments to cultivate plants from various regions and environments.”

With the remarkable success of tiiun in its home market and optimistic anticipation of its global prospects, Shin expressed his aspirations:

“Just as Scotch Tape and Styler have become generic terms, our hope is for tiiun to become synonymous with indoor gardening appliances in the future.”

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