Anker, a well-known brand renowned for its portable phone battery packs, has now delved into a new realm of innovation; their latest creation, the Solix battery, is a colossal battery pack designed to power entire houses. This groundbreaking device aims to address the challenges faced by individuals who rely on solar power as their primary energy source.

While solar panels generate electricity during the daytime, there is often an excess that goes unused. Conversely, energy production is limited during the evening and overnight hours. To overcome these limitations, the Solix battery enables homeowners to store the surplus electricity generated by their solar panels during the day and utilize it as needed, such as during nighttime or power outages.

Image: Anker

The Solix battery is available in various sizes, with the largest resembling a refrigerator. Depending on individual requirements, homeowners can choose an array that offers storage capacities ranging from 5kWh up to an impressive 180kWh. Anker proudly claims that their largest Solix array can sustain power to a typical house for an entire week. This feature proves to be particularly invaluable during blackouts or when the local power grid faces disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions or other factors.

Anker emphasizes the compatibility of their Solix batteries with existing solar panel systems, as well as their future capability to charge electric vehicles. Although Anker has not yet disclosed the release date or pricing details, it is anticipated that the larger storage capacities will come with a significant price tag — considering that Anker’s current offering, the 2kWh portable battery, retails for $1,999, it is safe to assume that the 180kWh variant will be considerably more expensive.

Image: Anker

With its venture into large-scale household battery solutions and its continued dedication to portable power solutions, Anker aims to meet the energy needs of diverse consumers. Whether individuals seek sustainable living options or reliable power sources for outdoor adventures, Anker seems to be striving to provide the perfect solution.

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