Anker’s Roav Viva Bluetooth Car Kit Puts Alexa In Your Car

[CES 2018] If you’re looking to make your car smarter, there are some options available, such as Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto, just to name a few. However these can be rather expensive addons, but if you’re not looking for anything too complicated or expensive, Anker might have the solution for you in the form of the Roav Viva.

Anker Launches The Nebula Capsule Smart Projector

Back in the day projectors were typically seen as this bulky looking device that would help to project slides onto the walls or screens during classes or meetings, but fast forward to today and technology has managed to shrink down projectors quite a bit to the point where they can be brought about and used as a mini cinema display of sorts.

Anker’s Alexa Speaker Is A Cheaper Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the cheapest Alexa-powered device that Amazon will sell you. If you’ve always wanted one but have found it to be a bit more expensive than you’d want it to be, then you’re going to like what Anker has to offer. Anker, a well known affordable accessory manufacturer, has made a new Alexa-powered smart speaker that’s essentially a cheaper version of the Echo Dot.

Anker Issues Recall For Their USB-C Cables

It probably goes without saying that USB-C is the standard we can expect in the future in terms of device connectivity. So far we’ve seen many Android OEMs adopt the feature, and we are also seeing laptop manufacturers adopting USB-C ports as well, but the problem isn’t so much the adoption, but the creation of USB-C cables.


Anker Has A Battery That Can Charge Your Phone 40 Times

Smartphone batteries have indeed come a long way since back in the day. Nowadays we have phones packing batteries as large as 5,000mAh, which means that we should be able to squeeze out 2-3 days worth of use before needing a recharge. This is well and good if you’re at home or at the office, but what if you’re travelling or outdoors?