Picture this: a world where machines charge without cords. That’s what Spark Connected and Infineon Technologies are making happen with their new invention, the Yeti 500W wireless charging module.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, this cool gadget can power up heavy-duty stuff like machines, robots, and electric vehicles, all without plugging them in — It’s just like magic, but with science.

The Yeti was designed to behave like a “superhero” charger — It can handle a whopping 500 watts of power and, according to its manufacturer, it’s super-efficient, saving energy and getting things charged up quickly. Efficiency means it doesn’t waste energy (which is good for our planet).

“The Yeti represents a step forward in charging power and integration, enabling industries to improve their operations and move towards an energy-efficient wire-free future,” said Tony Antonacci, Senior Director Applications Marketing at Infineon Technologies.

No More Perfect Positioning Needed

Have you ever tried to plug in your charger, but it just wouldn’t fit right? The Yeti doesn’t care about that because it can still charge things even if they’re not lined up perfectly.

According to the partnering companies, Yeti is friendly to all kinds of batteries so, it does not care if it’s a big battery or a small one, it will charge them all up, making it a good choice for all sorts of machines and gadgets. Another thing worth mentioning is that the Yeti has special protections to ensure it does not overcharge or cause any problems.

Image: Spark Connected

Smart Charger

Infineon defines Yeti as a smart charger since it has a brain called a Bluetooth Low Energy MCU, which can control everything and has a cooling technology that reduces energy waste and noise.

The best part is that we won’t have to wait long to see the Yeti in action since the product is coming out for testing later this year. That means soon, our gadgets will charge up without needing any plugs. It looks like the future is exciting… and wireless!

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