Infineon Technologies AG, a prominent semiconductor manufacturer specializing in power systems and IoT, has collaborated with Adidas AG to create an innovative prototype known as the “Infineon Lighting Shoe.” This cool footwear fuses cutting-edge sensor technology with fashion, allowing it to react to music and environmental beats with programmable lighting effects, showcasing the potential of integrating technology into everyday products.

Equipped with high-quality XENSIV MEMS microphones, the Infineon Lighting Shoe possesses the ability to detect even the subtlest acoustic signals in its surroundings. These audio inputs are then processed by an integrated PSoC microcontroller. To ensure convenience, the product can be charged using a USB-C Power Delivery (PD) method, facilitated by the EZ-PD Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) solution in combination with high-efficiency OptiMOS power MOSFETs.

Infineon Lighting Shoe. (Image: Infineon)

The design ensures that the sensitive technology components can be comfortably accommodated without compromising fit or comfort and the collaborative endeavor between Infineon and Adidas underscores the synergy between technology and style.

IoT Devices Becoming More User-friendly

By enabling “Contextual Awareness through Intuitive Sensing,” the Lighting Shoe demonstrates how IoT devices become more user-friendly when they possess the ability to perceive and respond to their environment through technology.

Adam White, Division President of Power & Sensor Systems at Infineon, expressed pride in this innovative collaboration, stating, “We are proud to have worked with Adidas to implement this innovation collaboration.”

For Adidas, innovation and performance are central drivers, and the Lighting Shoe prototype aligns with this ethos. Burkhard Dümler, Director of Innovation at Adidas, emphasized the importance of creating mind-blowing and fun innovations that push beyond the norm. The Lighting Shoe is a testament to how technology and style can come together to produce a digital product that surprises and delights.

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