The Clueless, a Spanish influencer agency, has ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence to create its own virtual influencer, Aitana, who is now recognized as the first Spanish AI model. Frustrated by the challenges posed by human models and influencers, such as egos and high costs, the agency sought to establish a more reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Diana Núñez, co-founder of The Clueless, said that the inspiration to create Aitana arose from the escalating expenses associated with influencers; The agency aimed to reduce reliance on human influencers and inadvertently “created a monster” (a beautiful one, as Núñez describes).

Aitana’s development involved several months of experimentation with different looks until the agency found the winning combination.

Aitana has amassed 138,000 followers on Instagram, where she is portrayed as a digital creator. Despite the revelation that she is an AI creation, many followers continue to express their affection for her. The key to Aitana’s success lies in crafting a relatable personality that fosters a genuine connection with her audience.

Financially, the venture has proven highly lucrative for The Clueless, with Aitana generating an average monthly income of €3,000 ($3,300) and, on one occasion, reaching €10,000 ($10,900). The majority of this income comes from social media ads, and Aitana has also secured a role as an ambassador for a sports supplement brand.

While the agency has faced challenges with real-life models, they do not envision AI alternatives completely replacing them. However, Núñez envisions a future where followers could have personalized experiences with Aitana through virtual reality glasses, emphasizing the need for respect and affection in treating the virtual personality as if she were a real person.

Aitana is not the only AI influencer in the industry; other virtual models and influencers, such as those from Brazil and LA, have gained substantial followings on social media. The emergence of AI influencers raises ethical debates surrounding technology, labor, and human control, highlighting the complex dynamics of this nascent industry.

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