Samsung is set to launch its first wearable assistive robot, now known as the Bot Fit, early next year, with CES 2024 being a potential platform for its debut. The Bot Fit is a medical walking assistance robot primarily designed for the elderly and individuals with limited mobility.

It offers two modes: the Booster mode, aimed at aiding those with back or leg injuries in walking more effectively, and the Aqua mode, which provides a recreational experience akin to walking on water. Additionally, it can be used for rehabilitation purposes for those recovering from injuries.

Bot Fit can reduce 24% of the metabolic cost of walking while accelerating the speed by 14%. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung’s decision to rename the robot from its original moniker, GEMS Hip, signifies a shift in branding strategy. The company has already applied for the trademark “Bot Fit” to solidify its new identity. The development and testing of the Bot Fit appear to be at an advanced stage, with Samsung having reportedly sent units to partners for demonstrations.

One noteworthy aspect of the Bot Fit is its compatibility with other Samsung devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. This connectivity allows users to control the robot via their paired devices, record physical and workout information, and receive guidance for more efficient movement when using wireless earbuds.

The launch of the Bot Fit aligns with Samsung’s chairman Lee Jae-yong’s strategic vision, focusing on AI and robotics as the company’s future growth engines. Samsung Electronics plans to invest a substantial KRW 240 trillion (approximately $179 billion) in these fields by 2024.

While initial plans for a 2023 launch have been pushed back, Samsung’s entry into the wearable assistive robot market signifies a commitment to innovation and addressing the needs of individuals with mobility challenges, particularly the elderly. With CES 2024 on the horizon, the Bot Fit’s official launch is eagerly anticipated as it marks a significant step in the company’s ongoing endeavors within the field of AI and robotics.

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