While Music CDs/DVDs are still on sale, the demand for them have drastically decreased because of the arrival of several popular music streaming sites. With a lot of music streaming services available, it is time to choose some of the best music streaming sites and utilize them to quench your thirst for quality music.

Note that not all of the music streaming sites out there offer the best quality music for free, and the best ones often come with a fee (or ads). Here, we would mention 8 of the best music streaming sites which lets you experience the best quality music online.

  1. SoundCloud

    soundcloud - music streaming services

    SoundCloud being one of the most loved music streaming services now offers a lot of original creations and interesting tunes. You can encounter commercial hits and local hits as well at SoundCloud.

    SoundCloud is not just a streaming service but you can also upload your own music. However, with the free account, there would be upload time limit and restricted statistics on your song. If you upgrade your account with a pro subscription (pro/pro unlimited), you will observe no upload limits and detailed stats on your music uploads.

    SoundCloud is a community-driven music streaming service where you can experience every kind of music which a commercial music streaming service like Spotify fails to deliver.

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  2. Deezer


    Deezer is yet another popular music streaming site. Unlike the others, it is not yet available for a lot of countries. But, if you are someone from the United States, Deezer offers one of the best quality music streaming service.

    You can find a huge collection of quality and interesting music with Deezer. With the feed option, you can connect your social accounts to catch up with what your friends are playing. Also, while you play a song, you can click on the queue to find automated recommendations if its enabled.

    It costs you 9.99 USD per month for Deezer+ subscription and you can try it for free for the first month (Credit card information needed).

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  3. Spotify

    spotify - music streaming sites

    Spotify is unquestionably a popular music streaming site which supports a lot of platforms that include Android, Windows, and iOS.

    Spotify offers 3 months of premium access at just 0.99 USD for now (till June 26, 2017). The regular subscription rates remain as 9.99 USD per month. Spotify brings a lot of new and exclusive releases.

    You can even find Bollywood hits on Spotify if you have a taste for it. The web player is quite simple and the streaming quality for a free account is decent enough to listen to. In addition to it, you will surely enjoy the featured podcasts available on Spotify.

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  4. Pandora

    pandora - music streaming services

    Pandora is the best music streaming site for the ones looking for music Internet radio stations. Instead of playing a particular song, you just want to tune into a perfect Internet radio station which plays the type you like to listen to.

    You will find a lot of Internet radio stations with Pandora. With a premium account, you will have no limits on skips and more personalized radio stations.

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  5. Last.fm

    last fm - best music streaming sites

    Last.fm is a great free music streaming service which supports streaming through the web player. However, you will encounter advertisements unless you subscribe for 3 USD per month.

    The subscription not only get rids of the advertisements but also gives you early access to the features added to its music streaming service. Also, you can buy the music tracks by utilizing Amazon music through last.fm.

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  6. Google Play Music

    google play music
    Google Play Music is definitely one of the major music streaming apps available. However, it also supports streaming music through the site making it one of the favorite music streaming sites as well.

    Google Play Music is the perfect music streaming site if you are looking for on-demand music access. Personally, Google Play Music’s web user interface appeals more compared to the other music streaming sites.

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  7. Slacker Radio

    slacker radio - best music streaming sites

    Slacker Radio is a popular music streaming site in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, the service is not accessible to other countries as of now. However, you can utilize a VPN if it is a necessity for you.

    Similar to Last.fm, Slacker lets you explore the world of Internet radio. You get to experience the best Internet radio stations with perfectly curated song lists. All of the Internet radio stations available have been filtered according to the music genres. If you want to get rid of the advertisements, you can upgrade it to the Plus plan (3.99 USD/month) or the premium plan (9.99 USD/month).

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  8. Tidal

    tidal - best music streaming sites

    Tidal is the first music streaming service supporting High Fidelity music. Of course, you will need a good Internet connection (4G LTE/3G) to experience HiFi music uninterrupted.

    Tidal is truly one of the premium music streaming websites available. However, do note that the web player would deliver you HiFi music experience only when you access it through Google Chrome (it is what Tidal recommends). If you are looking for quality music along with an exceptional curated playlist ready for you, Tidal is the one you should go for.

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Wrapping Up

While there might be many more music streaming sites and services around, these would be the best choices we would pick for you if you want to stay in the trends and experience the best available.

Do you happen to know about some new streaming sites that could possibly be on the top charts in the near future?
Let us know about them in the comments section.

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