Looking to turn on your flashlight or launch the camera app? Maybe adjust the brightness of your iPhone’s display? Those features are all available via the Control Center as shortcuts, but did you know that you can actually customize the Control Center to feature shortcuts to certain tools that you might use frequently?


Currently the default options offered in Control Center cover most of the basic tools you might need, like the calculator, camera, and flashlight, but in case you need more tools, then check out the guide below to learn how to customize Control Center to your liking.

How To Customize The iPhone’s Control Center

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Go to Control Center
  3. Select Customize Controls
  4. You will be presented with the various features that you can add to Control Center
  5. Tap the red – button to remove a feature, or tap the green + button to add a feature
  6. You can also tap and drag the features up and down where the shortcuts in Control Center will actually rearrange itself based on where you’ve dragged it to

At the moment, pretty much all the features in Control Center are native iOS apps. This means that if you’re hoping to add a third-party app to Control Center, you’d be out of luck. Maybe one day Apple will open up Control Center to third-party apps, but for now, you’re pretty much limited to the iOS native apps and features.

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