Google collects every data for your activity while using its services. You can easily access the data collected (download it) and delete it if necessary.

The same ability lets you find the recent Google searches that you have made.

If you are curious to know what your search history looks like (and want to delete some of your sensitive search data), this article shall help you with that.

Find Recent Google Searches You Made

Even though I focus on helping you find the recent Google searches, you can follow the same steps to explore your YouTube history or any other app/service data associated with Google (like Maps, Gmail, etc,).

Let us now take a look at the steps in detail.

Steps to Access Recent Google Search History

1. Just head on to and make sure you are signed in. If not, sign in to your account and reload the webpage.

2. Once you have signed in, you will have to navigate your way to the “My Account” option as shown in the image below.

google account sign in

3. Next, you will notice a lot of options to choose from. Here, just click on ‘Manage your data & personalization’ under Privacy & personalization section as shown in the image below.

google account

4. Now, you will notice a lot of options to review your privacy and data. For the recent Google searches, you need to select “Web & App Activity” as highlighted in the screenshot below.

5. You will be prompted with certain options, simply ignore them and hit “Manage Activity“.

google account activity

6. Once you are in, scroll down to find the recent Google searches as shown in the picture below.

google searches

As you can see, you can view the recent Google searches I made. If you want, you can filter it by date and access them. You can also delete them if necessary.

In a very similar way, you can access YouTube or any other Google-owned service/app data.

If you utilize Google services and often worry about your privacy, you should definitely explore the tools and options Google offers to manage your data collected from your usage.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to find the recent Google searches, we shall suggest you review your data and manage it to enhance your privacy.

Did you find this helpful? Are you aware of a better method to do this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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