Depending on how you use Chrome, some of you might have dozens of tabs open at the same time. This can get pretty messy and chaotic if you’re trying to look for a particular tab, but thankfully, Google has a way to sort our tabs out by allowing users to create groups for them.

This feature was actually introduced back in 2020 but it had to be enabled through a flag since it was kind of a beta/experimental feature back then. However, Google has since released the feature to the masses and if you did not know about it, then read on to find out how to take advantage of this productivity hack.

How To Group Chrome Tabs Together

  1. Right-click a tab and select “Add tab to new group”
  2. Enter a name and select a color for that group
  3. Right-click another tab that you want to add the the newly-created group and select “Add tab to group” and choose the group you want to add the tab to
  4. You will notice that the grouped tabs are highlighted in the color you’ve chosen, along with the group’s label next to it
  5. Clicking on the label will expand the tabs or collapse it, so if you don’t need them yet, you can hide them to make your Chrome tabs look a bit neater
  6. If you want to remove the tab from the group, right-click the tab you want to remove and select “Remove from group”
  7. You can also remove the group entirely (and all the tabs associated with it) by right-clicking the group label and select “Ungroup”

Do take note that you can only group tabs that are in the same window. If you have multiple windows open, you cannot group a tab from window A with window B.

How To Use Chrome Tab Groups Effectively

Now that you know how to use Chrome’s grouping feature for tabs, how can you take advantage of it to make it work for you? One of the ways to group tabs would be to group them by topic. For example if you were researching on the best camera bodies and lenses to buy, you could group the tabs of camera reviews together, and group the lens reviews in a separate group so that they can be kept separate from each other and won’t be confusing.

You can also use it for videos where if you have multiple YouTube tabs open, you can group them together and keep it separate from other websites, and you can also hide them so that you aren’t distracted by them until your work is done.

Grouping tabs can also be useful during research for work or school, where you can group tabs together based on the topic or the sections of the report that you are writing. It is inevitable that we would have multiple tabs open and grouping is a great way to keep your browsing session more organized.

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