youtube-music-streaming-serviceYouTube is nearly ten years old, and over this decade, it has evolved, a lot. The vast majority of popular artists first share their new creations on the video platform through their network’s account – this was unthinkable not so long ago.  There is also a wealth of home-grown bands and other artists who share their music freely on the service. Some of them are ad-supported, some don’t use advertisement at all.

Because going to YouTube is not always the most convenient way to listen to music (flying out, going camping…), I am sure that some of you wish to convert these music videos to .mp3 format, thus saving memory (vs. a video) on your phone or computer. Well, there are fortunately multiple ways to do that, and all of them are a piece of cake.


Method 1– Via your browser

Let’s kick things off with the easiest way to accomplish the above. All you have to do is head to


Copy the link of the video you wish to convert to and paste it on the convert video bar. Hit the convert button and the video will automatically start downloading.  In addition, you won’t need any third-party downloaders . All you have to do is press the convert button and you’ll be good to

Moreover, the website is mobile friendly hence you can make use of its services through your handset as well. If you are on Android, it just works since there is a native download capability. You won’t need to download an MP3 downloader app from the Android Market. Once you download the files, Android will automatically display the songs in your device’s music library.

If you are on iOS, things are a bit more complicated: you will have to install an app that comes with a built-in browser before doing so. The Downloads app (Apple app store link) by Hian Zin Jong is the best one out there, and for $2.99, I think that it’s worth it. I personally have it on my iDevices since my first iPod touch back in 2010.  Once installed, you can use the app to browse to and convert just as you would on PC, Mac and Android.

And just as a heads up, cannot convert videos that are longer than twenty minutes. So if you are trying to convert an hour long house mix, method two is your place to go.

I know some off you are afraid of catching a computer virus so I am assuring you that the website has been completely safe for me. I have been using it for over a year now and haven’t come across any sort of virus. Let alone it’s the most visited YouTube MP3 converter on the interwebs.

But what happens if the site one day goes down though, or the admin decides to shut it down? Enters Method #2.

Method 2 – Via MP3 converter software (PC Only)


There are plenty of other options out there. The one we’ll suggest you is the software published by DVD Video Soft. You can safely download it from CNET’s Download section for free.

The process is the same as with the previous method: copy the video link you want to convert to MP3, open the program and the either press the paste button or simply press Ctrl+V on your keyboard. The program is compatible with Windows XP and higher.

Also, if you feel safer navigating through the program in your native language on, don’t worry, the converter features a handful of languages.

If you are not really familiar with third-party download apps, here is a step by step tutorial that will help you out.

  1. Install the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter and launch the program
  2. Copy and paste as many links as you wish in YouTube converter
  3. Choose the output format.
    1. * Check Tools – Options… to find plenty of extra settings: desired video quality, Premium Membership, Proxy, output name format, ‘skip download’ function and many more.
  4. Click the Download button and wait a few seconds or several minutes, depending on your Internet connection speed

Method 3 – Via MP3 converter software (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu)

The problem with the YouTube to MP3 app above is that it is only available for Windows computers. The good news is that we found another free app made by MediaHuman and it is compatible with Macintosh and Ubuntu as well.

The process is quite the same, but just for the shake of it, here you got a user guide for the particular software too.

Step 1 – Copy the video’s URL

Step 2 – Paste URL

Step 3 – Start downloading (click the download arrow next to video’s info panel)


Step 4 – Complete! (wait for the process to finish and you’ll be good to go)



Converting from Youtube to MP3 is easier than one may imagine, but it takes a little bit if research and you have to be mindful that there are many shady sites out there that pretend to do just that while hosting malware. We’ve done some leg work so that you don’t have to.

If you ask which method I prefer, I would say Method #1 because it does not require any third party apps to be on your machine and it also is accessible via your mobile device.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything that is bothering you, don’t hesitate to drop them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  You can even hit me up on Twitter, @orestespap.

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