Throughout the day, we come across a ton of articles that we want to read, whether it be for work, entertainment, study, research, and so on. Given that we do have other things to do, sometimes we just can’t get through all these articles in a single day, but what are we going to do with all the Chrome tabs that are open with these articles in them?

Closing them would mean you’ll have to find the links to these articles again, and sometimes it’s just not that efficient. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy method that you can use to save these Google Chrome tabs for reading later, and here’s how.

How To Save Chrome Tabs For Later

  1. Right click the title bar of Google Chrome
  2. Click Bookmark All Tabs
  3. Alternative you can also press Ctrl + Shift + D on Windows, or Cmd + Shift + D on Mac to bookmark all open tabs
  4. Google Chrome will then save a folder containing all the open tabs that you can then open later at your own leisure
  5. If you want to add additional websites to the folder, you can bookmark it the normal way and choose the folder to save it to

How To Reopen Saved Bookmarks

So now that you’ve saved all the tabs that you want to read later, how do you go about reopening them?

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + O on Windows or Cmd + Shift + O on Mac to open the Bookmarks Manager
  2. Right-click the folder containing all your saved tabs
  3. Click Open all bookmarks

How To Save Chrome Tabs For Later Using Extensions

The method we highlighted above works fine. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the problem is that if you’re not the sort to clean up your bookmarks or go through them from time to time, over time you could end up with a lot of unwanted bookmarks. If you prefer a cleaner and more elegant solution, then the Better OneTab Chrome extension might be worth checking out.

  1. Download and install the Better OneTab extension
  2. Right-click the extension
  3. Go to Store > Store all tabs in current window
  4. When you want to access the saved tabs, click the extension icon
  5. Click Restore List and it will reopen all the tabs that you saved
  6. Note that when you click Restore List, it will clear the list so you’ll have to repeat the steps above if you want to save it again

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